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The AMT4CO2flux project is working to develop a processing chain for satellite products and uncertainties for the air-sea flux of carbon dioxide and ocean acidification parameters. This will provide monthly measurements which will then be used in estimating global carbon budgets.

This programme builds upon the work of the AMT4OceanSatFlux programme which measured the flux of carbon dioxide between the atmosphere and the ocean; and the AMT4SentinelFRM programme which made fiducial reference measurements at sea to calibrate and ensure the quality of data from the Sentinel satellites. This work enables us to use the data from the satellites with greater confidence. With it we can address large scale issues and scientific questions on the effects of climate change in the global ocean, focusing on those that have a direct bearing on societal issues that humankind will face in the coming decades.


News Highlights

Sensors on the AMT29 cruise

Revised approach revolutionises above-water method for measuring remote-sensing reflectance

28 June 2023

AMT4CO2Flux scientists have made a significant breakthrough in the field of ocean colour remote sensing with the development of a revised spectral...
Secchi disk

19th Century tool is still used by marine scientists today

20 March 2023

A simple 19th Century tool is still useful to ocean scientists in the age of satellites, new research shows.